de schoonheid van deurkloppers
I have always loved sometimes half-peeling doors that have faded colors. During holidays I regularly photographed them (see also the section photographs). At one point I saw the door knocker that adorned the doors and started my digital collection. I now have several hundreds of them, but not like a serious collection with information about origin, size etcetera. The only and for me most important thing that remains is to show the pretty or curious aspects with an occasional comment.
I found this door knocker beautiful as a picture, but also very suitable for making a trompe-l'oeil with Vermeer's milkmaid.
When I visited Bologna, Ravenna and Florence in Italy, I found many nice examples. A selection of the door knockers photographed there are given below.
I had never seen a door knocker on glass and one with a wooden head (below left and right).
And some door knockers are better viewed in a wider context.
If you are interested to see more door knockers, email me (address above)